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Tips to get better marks in your Examination

Academics is not everything. It must be balanced with extra-curricular activities.

  1. It is very important to get the basic concepts right. If you have clarity, you will not be able to forget those years later. For instance, in Physics, a Gauss’ Law Derivation, the Gaussian surface is the basic concept. So, to understand the concept better one needs to figure out what shape the surface will take, what would be the symmetry and enclosed charge etc.
  2. Visualize the basic concepts at the end of every class. If there is a diagram on optics, or a graph in economics that has just been covered, Visualize and mark every important angle, line segment/ maxima, slope etc.
  3. Analyze at least the question papers of the past five years. No need to write the answers, but just noticed the patterns.  By observing the patterns, you will realize that, for example, Question 4 on a Math paper will always be a question on trigonometry. This is a part of studying smart. You can afford to skip a chapter you aren’t comfortable with, and still max the paper, if you understand the pattern.
  4. Family’s attitude is very helpful. They must not put pressure on studying and they must give enough leeway to play. This attitude is more important than sitting with the child and making him study one extra chapter.
  5. Motivation is also a very important thing. Swimming, tennis, debates, painting etc.. These activities keep you motivated. Doing well in academics is about hard work and not long hours. Extra-curricular activities keep your motivation levels high, and refresh you. People underestimate their importance.


What to be a WINNER???  JUST DO IT……

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