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Preparing for IIT JEE and NEET – Your Role As A Parent

In India, engineering and medical entrance exams are fiercely competitive. Every year, lakhs of students compete for a small number of seats in India’s top engineering and medical colleges. As the students are selected on the basis of their scores in entrance exams, a lot of importance is placed on the result of these exams. The pressure to succeed on students can sometimes be overwhelming. If not handled well, it can cause a lot of stress and can have a negative impact on a student’s physical and mental wellbeing. The need to manage exam stress brings us to the important role parents play in alleviating fears and anxiety associated with entrance exams.

The support provided by parents during the exam preparation phase can be of great help to children. Many parents wrongly believe that enrolling their children for the coaching classes exonerates them from other responsibilities. The truth is, even the best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation cannot step into the shoes of parents when it comes to providing emotional support to children.

Here is how the parents can help children stay focused and stress-free while preparing for engineering and medical entrance exams –

Realistic Expectations
It’s natural to want your child to succeed in life. However, an acute desire to see your kids making it big can leave you disillusioned. As they say, your kids are not your second chance in life! Having unrealistic expectations from children can cause a great deal of discomfort to both parents and children. Moreover, it puts kids under unnecessary pressure. While it’s good to encourage children to do their best in entrance exams, but you, as a parent, must keep your expectations real.

Communication is the essence of any relationship, and parent-child relationship is no exception! During the exam days, it becomes all the more important for the parent to communicate with their children. It’s important to tell your child that an entrance exam is not the make-or-break moment for them. Using phrases such as ‘it’s just another exam’ and ‘your life doesn’t depend on it’ can work wonders when it comes to relieving exam-related stress among children. Besides, communicating regularly will also keep you updated on the progress they are making in their curriculum.

Healthy Lifestyle
As children try to balance school and engineering/ medical coaching classes, they often tend to ignore their health. Many students stay up late at night to study for exams. This can leave them sleep-deprived and can have a negative impact on their performance in the exam. Proper sleep, healthy diet and regular exercise can make a world of difference as far as the health and wellbeing of students is concerned.

Also, it is important for the parents to ensure that they choose a good coaching centre that provides the right guidance to the students. Reynott Academy in Jalandhar is a premier coaching centre that specializes in IIT JEE coaching and AIIMS/ NEET coaching.

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